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I am recently a new dad and love spending time with my daughter - if I am not working, I am most likely driving her nuts!

I have been working with computers my entire life and have been an entrepreneur for 4 years. Before switching gears and getting into the business world, I was a Red Seal Welder and worked for over a decade in heavy industry. I never thought I wanted to be in business for myself until I recognized that I needed more challenge in my life. I was tired of hiding behind my welding mask because as I got older, I realized that I loved to be around people.

So fast forward a few years, and now I am truly enjoying the entrepreneurial journey of continual learning and being challenged. I feel like I have found my passion and my niche in the Funnel Hacking world and I am pumped up about helping others learn these skills.

I am a hardcore Clickfunnels fan. I have learned a ton from Russell Brunson - he has me totally hooked on his “cult-ure.” I love going to events such as Funnel Hacking Live where I am able to spend time with like-minded people.
I have always been interested in business and knew from a young age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After high school, I went to university where I studied business and majored in Human Resource Management. I spent the next few years working in the corporate world - this left me feeling more sure than ever that I wanted to own my own business. So I decided to make some changes - I went to hair school thinking that I could own a hair salon. Well, long story short, this did not turn out how I expected so I was left wondering how to make an entrepreneurial life out of where I was at.
Well through lots of courses, learning, trial and error, here we are. I have discovered that I am very passionate about helping other people like me find their way as entrepreneurs. Sometimes all it takes is a little help from someone who is a few steps ahead! 

I love the challenge of helping other people get their businesses up and running in efficient ways; I love to strategize!

Outside of my work, I spend most of my time either with family and friends, cooking, or exercising.
I am the Funnel guy behind the scenes, which works great because I don’t like to be in the limelight. You might not see me as the face of the business, but that is because I’m busy making it all happen.

I have a computer science degree and used to work as an Air Traffic Controller in the Canadian Forces (again - the behind the scenes work that makes everything run!). I loved that job and how much it challenged me every single day. 

So now, as a Veteran of the Canadian Forces, I found myself needing something else that challenged me every day. I like that this business puts my brain to work and forces me to continually be learning.
I spend a lot of my time volunteering. Between building houses in Mexico to mentoring youth and young adults, I am passionate about making life better for people in all walks of life.
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